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Map of Mineola Texas

This web site is dedicated to familiarizing you with the city of Mineola, Texas. Mineola is located just a few miles north of I-20 and about 90 miles east of Dallas in the beautiful hills of Eastern Texas.

Mineola is a fast-growing town as more and more people are realizing its charms and potential and deciding to make Mineola their home. At the time this web site was published, the population of Mineola is about 5700, but growing daily.

Many people from the DFW area choose to move to Mineola to retire, but there are also many people of working ages arriving to call Mineola home, as well as a growing population of people native to Mineola and nearby points in East Texas.

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Map of Mineola Texas Hwy 80 Through Mineola Hwy 80 Through Mineola Loop 564 Around Mineola Loop 564 Around Mineola US Hwy 69 Into Mineola from the North Ivey Street, Mineola Texas. From Newsom Street to Loop 564 Hwy 49, also E. McDonald St. - Mineola Texas Mimosa Street, Hwy 1801 - Mineola Texas

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